6 Awesome Benefits of Swedish Massage

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The thought of getting a soothing massage evokes images of lying down on a comfortable warm table with relaxing music playing in the background in a dimly lit room. Your worries simply melt away as your nerves and pains are gently massaged away. While you might feel that your body and mind benefit for obvious reasons, the Swedish massage has numerous health benefits that go far beyond the bliss of being pampered at the local spa. The list of the health benefits from this type massage increases each year as more universities conduct their own individual studies with patients suffering from a variety of ailments.

Definition of Swedish Massage

This type of massage is a great introductory therapy if you have never experienced these types of treatments before. The massage involves firm yet gentle stokes that are applied while you lie face down on the table. The therapist will start the treatment with long and firm strokes all over your back, working up to the shoulders, then the arms, and finally down to the lower back and your legs. Once this is complete, you will be asked to flip over so the therapist can work on your face, shoulders, arms, stomach, and the front of your legs. There is no manipulation or pressure point massage work, this is more of a gentle massage designed to improve your circulation and increase blood flow to the larger muscle groups.

Here are some of the unknown benefits of Swedish massage:

Relieving Knee Arthritis

One of the benefits of Swedish massage is relief of arthritis pain in the knee from. Stiffness in the knees can make it troublesome to get up, let alone walk or perform normal duties each day. When the pain becomes too severe, many people must resort to expensive surgeries to repair the damage in the knee and try to get back to a normal way of life. Swedish massage can benefit people who suffer from knee arthritis because as the legs are gently massaged from top to bottom and back, the increase in blood flow helps to eliminate pain and improve the function of the knees. Regularly scheduled treatments have been show to drastically improve arthritis in the knee and allow patients to enjoy a pain-free life.

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