6 Foods That Fight Cellulite 

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3. Water

While not technically a food, switching from soft drinks or coffee to water can have a long-lasting positive effect on your cellulite. Water has been proven in study after study to help reduce the appearance of cellulite, and can be essential in flushing out the fatty deposits and toxins in the body. When you have problem areas in the buttocks, hips, or stomach, drinking more water every day can aid in improving the appearance of those problem areas. Consuming foods like tomatoes, melons, grapes, cucumbers, and leafy vegetables is another way to combat the cellulite due to the high moisture content within. Not only will eating these fruits and vegetables in conjunction with the water help to flush away toxins, they also are packed with essential nutrients and lower calories that aid in reducing the formation of the fat.

4. Whole Grains

In order to reduce the appearance of the cellulite, you have to fight the source. Reducing the amount of fast food and unhealthy snacks is a start, but filling your body with foods that are packed with minerals, fiber, and vitamins can go a long way in improving your appearance. According to the University of Maryland Medical Department, of all the foods that fight cellulite, whole grains will best increase skin health and control weight management. By increasing dietary fiber in the diet and consuming more seeds, you can fend off the growth of the fatty deposits and improve the condition of the skin. When the skin is more elastic, it will reduce the appearance of the cottage cheese bumps and tone those problem areas over time. Regardless if the cellulite is located on the arms, stomach, or buttocks, more whole grains like brown rice, pasta, and whole grain bread will help to break down those fatty deposits.

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