6 Foods That Fight Cellulite 

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5. Green Leafy Vegetables

The benefits of vegetables goes far beyond helping to improve the condition of your skin and combat cellulite. Kale and spinach contain antioxidants, which help to increase hydration of the skin and reduce those lumps in the skin caused by cellulite. Consuming more salads each day rich in green leafy vegetables is an ideal way to manage your weight and improve your overall health. Many vegetables contain folic acid, which is able to stabilize drastic mood swings and lower stress levels as well. All of these benefits of the vegetables mean one thing: they can positively affect the ability of the body to store fat, stopping the production of the building blocks needed to create fatty deposits.

6. Unsaturated Fats

Of all the foods that fight cellulite, unsaturated fats have the potential to drastically improve the condition of your skin. When you fight cellulite at the surface, you take away the components needed to create the fat deposits, and you allow the skin to become soft, supple, and elastic again. Mono-unsaturated fats utilized in different studies have been shown to have a positive impact on your skin health. Consuming more foods rich in unsaturated fats will minimize the appearance of the cellulite in any problem area on the body. Changing your diet to utilize more unsaturated fats is simple when you know where to make those key changes. Start by switching your cooking oil to canola or sunflower oil, consume more fish, and snack on plenty of nuts or avocado.

Taking the time to research the foods you eat can go a long way in improving the appearance of your skin. Focus on looking for more foods rich in vitamin C because they have the potential to boost your collagen levels, increasing the proteins in the connective tissues throughout the body and reducing unsightly cellulite. Pay close attention to the fast food, white bread, and salty snacks you consume that aid in the growth of cellulite, and opt for more healthy alternatives like walnuts, berries, and tomatoes.

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