8 Toxic Materials in Your Bedroom That Could Be Killing You

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The bedroom is supposed to be a place of relaxation, comfort, and peace, a place to support you getting restorative sleep. Little do most people know that your bedroom could be filled with toxic materials that are slowly killing you while you rest. Just like you detoxify your body to become healthy, it might be time to identify those toxins in the sleeping space and remove them as soon as possible. One of the most important reasons you want to identify these toxins is because as you sleep your body is in a parasympathetic nervous system mode. This is when your body’s detoxification and regeneration system turns on. The toxicity in the bedroom takes us out of that state and diminishes the body’s ability to cleanse.

Here is a checklist of the eight toxic materials in your bedroom that could be killing you:

1. Mothballs

Many people put mothballs in their bedroom closets to preserve their clothing from moths. Unprotected, those clothes are susceptible to moths eating holes in all your precious garments. People tend to pack the closet with mothballs to deter the insects, but in the process, they are causing the air in the bedroom to become toxic. The active ingredient in many brands of mothballs is paradichlorobenzene, which has been found to have caused cancer in many laboratory animals. Some brands of mothballs utilize naphthalene, another toxic compound that destroys red blood cells and can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and severe nausea.

2. The Mattress

Not too many people realize that the mattress they are sleeping on can be packed with deadly chemicals that stay in close contact with your body every night. Considered the most toxic of all things in the bedroom, the coating on your mattress that is supposed to protect from fire is actually full of fire retardant toxic chemicals that you breathe in every night. Memory foam mattresses are made with numerous components that are released as the mattress breaks down. Inquire with your mattress supply center about buying bedding that has a non-toxic surface.

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