Signs Your Posture Needs Medical Attention

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Issues with your posture are a result of poor standing, sitting, and sleeping habits. It can also be a direct result of genetics, chronic bone disease, or your age. If you have begun to notice a significant change in your posture, this could be the early signs your posture needs medical attention. The change in posture might be an indication of a much more serious disorder, and the longer you go without an expert evaluation, the more severe these conditions can become. If you are suffering with back pain or neck aches, it might be time to seek immediate medical attention.

Bad Posture and Your Health – To better understand what is happening with your body, you need to understand how your posture has a direct impact on the functions of the body. Back pain and slouching is an early indication that you need to dig deeper to find the underlying cause of the discomfort. Self-evaluation is a great place to start because if the condition is still in the early phases you might reverse the condition with simple exercises. If the condition persists, a physician or chiropractor should investigate further to uncover the real source of the problem.

Walking With a Hunched Back – If you notice in a mirror that you are all of a sudden walking with a hunch in your back, it is time to pay closer attention to what your body is telling you. Take a closer look at how you are seated at your desk, or walk by a full-length mirror at the mall and notice how your body is aligned. Are you standing tall or are you crippled over like you are carrying a load on your shoulders? The way that you sit and walk will have a huge impact on your overall health, because if the body is continuously sitting or standing in the wrong position, the structure of the body tries to adjust. As the body tries to adapt to the new posture, this misalignment affects your entire body, resulting in increased pain. Many people make this common mistake without ever realizing the long-term damage they are causing.

The Obvious Visible Symptoms

The obvious visible signs your posture needs medical attention include a tilting of the head or a slouching of the body. This rounding of the upper back and then arching of the lower back exaggerate the natural curve of the spine. On the other end of the visible signs spectrum, standing too upright involves holding your head well behind the natural center of gravity. This looks your shoulders are being pulled back, which results in your knees locking and lower back arching. Take a close look at the bottom of your shoes to see if one is wearing away more than the other or reveals an unusual walking pattern. Place a mirror at your desk and see if your neck or head is tilted while sitting. The American Chiropractic Association claims in studies that this may be a result of your body compensating for the abnormal structuring of your feet and spine.

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