Top 10 Foods That Improve Your Heart Health


Regardless of your age, you should have some level of understanding about how certain foods affect your heart. One reason this should be something you are concerned about: each year over 600,000 people in the United States alone will die from different heart diseases. An unhealthy diet, stress, and high blood pressure can all contribute to heart disease. Luckily there are several foods that improve your heart health that you can incorporate into your diet. Even more good news: over 80% of those heart diseases can be prevented through lifestyle and healthy diet choices.

Here is a list of the top ten foods that improve your heart health you can begin incorporating into your diet today:

1. Garlic

Forget about your concerns about how bad your breath will smell after consuming more garlic – this amazing food will help to lower your blood pressure and reduce your cholesterol too. Spicing up your meals with more garlic will improve your blood circulation, getting more oxygen to those vital organs, including the heart, more rapidly and steadily. Studies have shown that although processed and fresh garlic are effective at improving heart health, crushed garlic will have the biggest positive long-term effect on your body.

2. Red Wine

By now you have probably heard about all the benefits a glass of red wine with dinner has on the body. Red wine is one of the foods that improve your heart health by increasing the good cholesterol in the body. Red wine is high in polyphenol, a super healthy nutrient that will go a long way in preventing cardiovascular disease. For those who do not enjoy the taste of red wine, you can get the exact same benefits by swapping for a tall glass of a dark beer instead.

3. Olive Oil

One reason Mediterranean cuisine is considered so healthy is that it is abundant in olive oil. The connection between lower risks of heart disease and olive oil are abundantly clear, and study after study has revealed the monounsaturated fatty acids in the oils can lower your risk to heart disease. Nutritional experts around the world are in agreement that the olive oil is packed with vitamin E, a vitamin over 90% of Americans simply do not get enough of.

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