10 Foods You Had No Idea Contain Lots of Sugar

Foods with a Surprising Amount of Sugar

Applesauce – we think of this fruity favorite as a healthy choice, especially for kids. One small cup, however, can contain 22 grams or more. This is more than half the recommended daily intake.

Snack puddings – this is another treat that is thought of as being a relatively healthy dessert choice. The sugar content in one serving cup can be as high as 20 grams (equivalent to the amount in Pop Tarts).

Prepared muffins – we often grab these for a convenient breakfast on the go, thinking of them as fairly guilt-free quick meal options. Unfortunately they can contain anywhere from 16 to a whopping 32 grams (more than the entire recommended amount for women to consume daily).

Cereal bars and chocolate chip granola bars – granola bars are another common grab and go food, but they might not be as good for us as we thought, even though they do have fiber. They contain 12-13 grams of the sweet stuff.
Breakfast cereals like oat squares and mini-wheats – 12-17 grams per serving.

Bottled spaghetti sauce – 12 grams per half cup serving. This is perhaps one of the most surprising – people rarely consider that their dinner may be packed with added sugar but that is often the case.

Barbecue sauce – 12-15 grams per two tablespoons. One important thing to consider about these numbers is that oftentimes people don’t stick to the serving size on the label – so you may actually be consuming way more of certain unhealthy ingredients than you think.

Bottled and canned teas – 46-54 grams per 16 oz. serving. This is another sneaky one that often comes in 20-24 oz. containers, driving the numbers up even higher because people normally consume the whole thing rather than pouring a serving of the listed size.

Yogurt – 27-31 grams per 6 oz. cup. Yogurt has many nutritionally redeeming qualities, however you must be careful to watch out for those that get their flavor from being packed with sugar.

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