10 Foods You Had No Idea Contain Lots of Sugar

Energy bars – up to 25 grams per bar. Almost everyone has, at one point or another, utilized these convenient snacks when too rushed to eat a whole meal. The price, however, is nearly an entire day’s allowance of added sugars.

Cole slaw – most people wouldn’t consider this summertime favorite to be a concern when it comes to sugar intake, but the truth is it can contain up to 14 grams per one cup serving.

How to Cut Down

There are many things you can do to minimize your added sugar intake.
Choose unsweetened versions of applesauce and canned fruit.
Keep a supply of boiled eggs in the refrigerator to grab on the go so that you aren’t tempted by overly sweetened convenience foods like protein and energy bars.

Buy plain, unsweetened yogurt and add real fruit and nuts to it for sweetness. A mashed banana can make a cup of plain yogurt taste just as sweet as the flavored versions, and the natural sugars are healthier for you than the added kind.
Choose unsweetened teas or water and add lemon or even a few berries to give them a zingy taste. Cutting back on, or even better giving up, sweetened drinks is one of the easiest ways to get closer to the recommended sugar intake per day.
Make your own spaghetti sauce – it’s easier than you think and that way you control everything that goes into it. Using canned tomatoes and tomato paste helps to save time, just be sure to check labels so that you’re only getting the ingredients you want.

Instead of processed baked goods, keep things like cheese, jerky, and nuts within reach at work and in the car.

Although it can seem intimidating to cut down to a healthy sugar level in a world where tempting processed foods surround us everywhere, sticking as close as possible to a whole foods diet with a minimum of added ingredients will pay off in the long run in the form of better health, more energy, and a longer life.


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