5 Things That Destroy Your Vision


Risk factors for cataracts:

Excessive alcohol consumption

Symptoms of cataracts:

Difficulty with night vision
Blurred vision
Sensitivity to glare
Double vision
Halos seen around lights

There are surgical treatments to remove cataracts, which involve the placement of an artificial lens once the affected lens is taken out. Consult your eye specialist if you experience any of the above symptoms.
Glaucoma – more than two million Americans over the age of 40 are affected by glaucoma, which is actually a group of conditions affecting vision rather than a single condition. Glaucoma, if left untreated, can cause vision loss or even, in severe cases, destroy your vision completely.

When the fluid in the eye, aqueous humor, is unable to get out through the normal channels in the iris and cornea, increased pressure in the eye results and vision loss could begin.

Causes of this buildup of fluid may include:

Medications like corticosteroids
High blood pressure
Restricted eye drainage
Impaired blood flow to the optic nerve

Risk factors for glaucoma:

Eye problems such as trauma to the eye or inflammation
Health problems like diabetes
Symptoms of glaucoma:
Eye redness
Severe pain in the eye
Blurry vision
Nausea and/or vomiting
Sudden visual disturbances
Colored rings surrounding lights

Glaucoma may be treated with medications or, in some cases, surgery. Rarely there is complete loss of vision. Any vision loss due to this condition is permanent.

The various things that can destroy your vision can seem scary, but you can significantly reduce your chances of experiencing any of these issues by maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. In addition, you should get regular eye exams and report any changes in your vision or eye health to your eye specialist or health care provider.

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