9 Hair Products that Destroy Your Hair


For men and women, hair care is a prime aspect of a unique, well-groomed look. With both sexes, hairstyles reflect our personality, our tastes in fashion, and accentuate our choice of outfit: a new style, and a new cut, can alter the entire dynamic of our ‘look’.

A little over twenty years ago, there was only a small selection of styling products on the shelves of drugs stores and supermarkets: gels, mousses, sprays, perhaps a few waxes … that was it. The average person likely used a basic product, and wore their hair in a style their friends or family-members shared. Since then, however, the world of personal hair-care has changed drastically – now, people have an overwhelming range of products to choose from: putties, creams, waxes, glues, clays, muds, in tubs, in pots, in tubes, and even in sticks.

While those of us with a keen interest in our own hair, and in its health, pay attention to the ingredients in our products, many people will base their purchases on the brand, on the smell & texture, and on how effective it appears to be.

However, there are certain types of products which feature harmful ingredients, and if you want to treat your hair as well as you can, you would be best to avoid them.

 Which formulas should you be on the lookout for?


 Are you using a product featuring silicone? If you are, you might want to reconsider – soon!

Why? Well, while silicone can create an illusion of shiny, healthy-looking hair, it actually dries it out (from the inside). The silicone gives the hair shaft a sleek appearance, but stops quality nutrients found in conditions from reaching it. Try to find a silicone-free product, whether you like to use waxes or gels: all items will list their ingredients somewhere on the packaging, and brands should provide as much information as possible on their websites.


 This is a well-known issue, but alcohol dries the hair out, like silicone. While most people will know to avoid using skin-care products rich with alcohol (as it causes the skin to become dry), they may well think nothing of buying a hair product which carries it.

There are plenty of alcohol-free options in men’s and women’s hair-grooming ranges, so be sure to check out all possibilities.

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