9 Hair Products that Destroy Your Hair

Protectives Against Heat

 Constantly drying your hair can be harmful to hair, and while there are ‘heat-protecting’ products designed to keep your hair healthy when exposed to driers, some can actually cause more damage than they prevent.

If this type of product is applied before you use a straightening or curling iron, the hair can almost become cooked, and potentially lead it to break away. While heat-protecting products can still be used, you may want to try a dry spray, so the hair isn’t moist when the iron touches it.

Propylene Glycol

 Any products which feature propylene glycol (PG) should be avoided, as they can be harmful to your hair – due to the protein-killing qualities it carries! Because this is a wetting agent, it’s often used in some products, but is actually the main element in antifreeze – and, unbelievably, there is no difference between this ingredient when used in hair products & when it’s used in more industrial-type items. This can also irritate the scalp, causing great frustration and discomfort.

Safety information typically warns against using this in a way that means it connects with the skin, and so using it to style your hair should be a no-no!

Polyethylene Glycol

 This ingredient is used in some products to great results – such as cleaning formulas designed to remove grease – but should be avoided on the hair. Whether this is found in your styling products or shampoos, you may not want to let it anywhere near your hair from now on; people never have enough grease on their hair to justify using such a powerful ingredient to remove it!

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS)

 This ingredient helps to blend water and oil together, and are powerful grease-removers – which makes them effective in shampoos. However, over prolonged use, these can remove the oils that occur naturally in the hair, damaging the protein and actually even limiting healthy growth. This is also believed to cause irritation to the lungs and eyes – so be sure to check the label next time you buy shampoos!

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