Wrong Ways of Shaving That Damage your Skin

Shave in the Right Direction

Ideally, you should shave in the direction in which your beard grows: begin at the sides, and then move onto the mustache, before finishing up with the chin (these are the strongest, so saving them until last gives them more time to soften under the cream).

While shaving against the direction your hair grows in makes for a closer shave, there are problems: you’ll be more likely to cut yourself; you risk cutting a hair below skin-level and causing ingrown-hairs, inflammation, & even possibly infection. Everyone’s beard has its own way of growing, so if you’re uncertain which direction yours sprouts in, allow it to grow for a few days, until it’s long enough to assess in greater detail.

Avoid Pressing Too Hard

Try not to press too hard with your razor: this makes for a higher risk of razor burn and ingrown hairs.

Shaving Tips for Women

 Shaving your Legs Too Soon

This doesn’t mean you should let your leg-hair grow for longer – rather, it means you may be shaving your legs too soon when you climb into the bath or shower. For a better, skin-kind shave, you should try to be in, or under, the hot water for at least 15 minutes: this makes the hair softer, and opens the follicles up.

However, if you leave it much longer than 15 minutes, your skin will start to actually wrinkle, which makes shaving harder: it’s a fine line, but getting it right will definitely pay off.

Shave at Night

While it can be tempting to shave first thing in the morning, as part of your routine, you’ll actually enjoy smoother legs if you shave at night. This is because your legs swell somewhat during sleep, which encourages the hair to retreat into its follicles.

Shaving without Cream

Shaving dry is more likely to leave you with razor burns and cuts. You should be using a moisturizing cream to ensure your blade can just glide across the skin, as this provides a closer cut but also reduces the risk of nicks. While you might be tempted to just use a bar of soap to create some lubrication, this doesn’t provide as much as you need for a better, cleaner, safer shave.

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