Wrong Ways of Shaving That Damage your Skin

Shaving Against the Grain

As with men’s beards, when a woman shaves her legs against the direction of hair-growth, she increases the risk of nicks, irritation, and cuts. Yes, it has the potential for a closer shave, but may be responsible for your post-cut discomfort.

Combined Tips for Men and Women

Both sexes should follow the above tips to avoid ingrown hairs and razor burn, but if you do end up with either, make sure to treat them. Bumps should be covered with a warm compress (as the heat relaxes the hair) and lotion should be applied to soften it, too – reducing the chance of infections.

Razors should also be replaced regularly – shaving with a blunt blade is more likely to create bumps, redness, and trap bacteria (a possible cause of infections). Replace blades when the first signs of dullness start to appear, normally after around five or 10 shaves.

While shaving is often rushed to save time in the morning or before an evening out, the problems you can cause by doing it wrong should encourage you to take greater care. Buying non-disposable razors is a great place to start, especially those produced by a reputable brand – go online to search for the best-reviewed options, or ask friends for recommendations.


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