6 Foods That Fight Cellulite 

Regardless of your age, having cellulite on your arms, hips, stomach, or buttocks can be extremely embarrassing. Cellulite affects the majority of women today, but eating the right foods can fight these fat deposits under the skin that create those dimpled patches. That dimpled cottage cheese appearance is a result of eating many of the wrong foods, and as we age the connective tissues in our skin loses elasticity and makes the cellulite appear more pronounced. Luckily, certain foods that fight Read more [...]

6 Awesome Benefits of Swedish Massage

The thought of getting a soothing massage evokes images of lying down on a comfortable warm table with relaxing music playing in the background in a dimly lit room. Your worries simply melt away as your nerves and pains are gently massaged away. While you might feel that your body and mind benefit for obvious reasons, the Swedish massage has numerous health benefits that go far beyond the bliss of being pampered at the local spa. The list of the health benefits from this type massage increases Read more [...]

Essential Nutrients For Your Facial Skin

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), 128,000 facelifts were performed on patients in 2014. While this was a slight decrease on the previous year's figures, this figure is still incredibly high, as are those for eyelid surgery (207,000) and nose reshaping (286,000). As our face is the first thing people notice about us, most people put theirs under close scrutiny on a regular basis: while some of us may simply dislike the number of wrinkles on our forehead or Read more [...]

Wrong Ways of Shaving That Damage your Skin

Despite the current trend for facial hair (primarily thick, bushy beards), wet shaving remains a vital part of many men's daily routine across the globe. The classic clean-shaven look is tidy, fairly low-maintenance, and professional for customer-facing jobs; it also feels pleasant to touch, and helps to take years off some men, especially those searching for a fresh look. For women, shaving the legs and the armpits is as popular as ever (though waxing is an alternative many ladies prefer, shaving Read more [...]

9 Hair Products that Destroy Your Hair

For men and women, hair care is a prime aspect of a unique, well-groomed look. With both sexes, hairstyles reflect our personality, our tastes in fashion, and accentuate our choice of outfit: a new style, and a new cut, can alter the entire dynamic of our 'look'. A little over twenty years ago, there was only a small selection of styling products on the shelves of drugs stores and supermarkets: gels, mousses, sprays, perhaps a few waxes … that was it. The average person likely used a basic product, Read more [...]