Top 5 Things That Cause Cellulite

The foods that you eat have a huge impact on functions of the body, which in turn helps to define the physical appearance of each organism. This is the reason it is so important that you understand which foods could be impacting your body in a negative way. Making the wrong food choices will not only can damage your overall health, but can increase your cellulite levels. With so many people today moving at lightning fast speed, it has become the norm to grab fast food, eat processed meals, and Read more [...]

10 Signs You Are Under The Risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis 

Are you feeling a severe pain running up and down your leg? Are you frequently feeling dizzy during the day? Are you experiencing swelling in your legs? Don't simply dismiss these symptoms as a pulled muscle, cramp, or temporary illness, since they could be an indication of a much more serious illness right under the surface. The troubling part is that many times you might not even exhibit any signs that you have severe blood clotting or deep vein thrombosis, DVT. Before you write off those symptoms Read more [...]

8 Toxic Materials in Your Bedroom That Could Be Killing You

The bedroom is supposed to be a place of relaxation, comfort, and peace, a place to support you getting restorative sleep. Little do most people know that your bedroom could be filled with toxic materials that are slowly killing you while you rest. Just like you detoxify your body to become healthy, it might be time to identify those toxins in the sleeping space and remove them as soon as possible. One of the most important reasons you want to identify these toxins is because as you sleep your Read more [...]

5 Signs You Are Eating Wrong Food

Many people believe that the fact that they are not gaining weight means they must be eating the right foods. The truth is that you might not even realize that the foods you are consuming on a daily basis are actually bad for you and causing damage to your vital organs. If you are not working closely with your physician when it comes to your diet, you could be making all the wrong food choices without even realizing. Studies and polls conducted by research organizations across the country reveal Read more [...]

Top 10 Foods That Improve Your Heart Health

Regardless of your age, you should have some level of understanding about how certain foods affect your heart. One reason this should be something you are concerned about: each year over 600,000 people in the United States alone will die from different heart diseases. An unhealthy diet, stress, and high blood pressure can all contribute to heart disease. Luckily there are several foods that improve your heart health that you can incorporate into your diet. Even more good news: over 80% of those Read more [...]

Signs Your Posture Needs Medical Attention

Issues with your posture are a result of poor standing, sitting, and sleeping habits. It can also be a direct result of genetics, chronic bone disease, or your age. If you have begun to notice a significant change in your posture, this could be the early signs your posture needs medical attention. The change in posture might be an indication of a much more serious disorder, and the longer you go without an expert evaluation, the more severe these conditions can become. If you are suffering with Read more [...]